Rubies In the Dusk

A Quick Hello

Is anyone out there?

Ive been pretty scarce this month (ok, a better term might be completely MIA), and I thought Id get my blog up to speed before September….so here we go.

This month, I received the fabulous kit below from Your Scrapbook Stash, and created several projects that I will be sharing in the next few days.

Here’s what the kit looked like before I got all cut & paste-y with it:

Craziness, right?

These are a few of the layouts I made with the Splash line from Echo Park

Pool Attitude

Tinys got more tude than that little speedo can hold.

Pool Attitude
Googly Eyes

Tiny with his googly-eyed shirt I got him. I wasnt sure if he was entertained, or creeped out.

I know this was quick, but its all I could muster after a day of work plus overtime.

(Queue worlds tiniest violin)

Thank you to all my loyal readers, and I promise to be back real soon!

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