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Funny Face

So its that time again…..a new prompt is up over at Scrap That Baby! Link up your Funny Face layouts by February 13th to be eligible for the prize pack from the February sponsor. Remember ladies, these layouts can be new or old, so no worries if you think you may already have a layout done that fits the bill.

I had a hard time choosing which pictures to use, as the Tiny man makes a variety of funny faces.

So I chose to use the least cutest one.

Now, I said the least cutest one, because its still quite cute. (Must clarify before I receive a beatdown from Mama & Papa Bear)

Awww, how I miss his soft little faux-hawk

Im not sure whats going on here, but I do have a few theories.

  • Hes taking a massive dump
  • His Auntie Kaitlin is pinching him under the towel
  • He has a yellow jacket in his diaper

Yeah, youre right. It was most likely his mean Auntie Kaitlin pinching hims poor little chubby legs.

While were on the subject, I thought Id include another layout I did with more recent Tiny photos. These pictures were taken at Thanksgiving, while the Tiny was eating his pie. He was hamming it up quite a bit, and my sister and I were startled by his uncanny resemblance to a baby Jack Nicholson. I think my sister was thinking the joker face, but I was more inclined to believe that Tiny was coming after me with an axe in an uber creepy mountain lodge.

Damn precious.

Well, that about wraps this up…

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