Rubies In the Dusk

Going Way Too Fast, Racing With the Sun

Oh yah, did I forget to mention that I was headed to Cali?

Or that it was my Birthday?

My bad.

I arrived back home late last night after the looooongest drive up the coast EVER.

Never again HWY 101. Never again.

I did, however, arrive at my home town around 9:45 Thursday night to hear the Tinyman say my name for the first time.


That alone, pretty much made the drive worth it.

I know that Ive shared the sneaks of these, but thought I better show the full the review of some of my projects for Your Scrapbook Stash. I still have tons of goodies left to play with, and intend to get my scrap on, as soon as I get my craft cave situated. Dont forget about the July promotion going on all month long at the YSS store. Just enter “JULY20” at checkout to receive 20% of your ENTIRE order….now that is a scrappy deal!

Ill leave you with a parting shot from the communal birthday dinner.

Blowing out the candles was a group effort this year…thats what happens when you get old.

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