Rubies In the Dusk

Kitchen Sink Fish & Farmer Johns

That has to be the most random blog post title ever.

Ive been crafting up a storm today with all the fun stuff I received from Your Scrapbook Stash, so I thought I better blog some of my older layouts lying in my finished pile first.

Of course they are the of the Tinyman…have I mentioned that Ive started my fourth scrapbook just of him? Its ridiculous.

Who is that little Fishy in my Sink?

I miss the days when Tinyman still fit in the kitchen sink.

Tried my hand at some faux stitching below, and am happy with how it turned out…its sooo much faster than an actual backstitch.

I also used up these Making Memories fish buttons that Ive had FOREVER….were talking at least 2004 yo. Mad props to me.

Overalls are the threads of choice for this Tinyman. Hims tiny little waist has a hard time holding regular pants up…I wish I had that

Thanks for checking ye ole blog out.


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