Rubies In the Dusk

Lily Bee Lovelies

I seriously do not know where October has gone.

Earlier this month I received a fabulous kit from Your Scrapbook Stash chuck full of three of Lily Bee Designs new lines. Thats right. Harvest Market, Memorandum and Jingle….all mine 🙂

I thought I would post a couple of layouts I created with all my goodies. This first one used papers from the Harvest Market collection – my personal favorite.

I figured I could stand to do a nice layout about my sister since yesterday was her birthday, and last weekend she got engaged! Anyhow, I love these pictures of her and the Tinyman on the swing. Hims was very tired, and he only wanted his Auntie Katie (which of course irritates the hell out of me) Naturally, my sister would never dream of rubbing it in my face…or of giving me a smug grin.

She eats it up.

I finally got my hands on the new Jeni Bowlin doily flowers, and Ive used them on every layout since (I have only one left…sniff sniff). These flowers are awesome! I love how flat they are, and how easily they lend themselves to layered embellishments.

Also really digging these tickets from October Afternoons Sidewalks collection. They came out of the miscellany package….cuteness!

This second layout uses the new holiday line Jingle, from Lily Bee Designs. This line is not your traditional holiday line, as it consists mostly of a muted aqua and burgundy.

I love these photos of the Tinyman from Christmas Eve last year. It was that night that he received his most favoritest gift: the BOOM. Without a moments hesitation he picked up that tiny plastic rifle, looked through a pretend scope, and shot a stuffed buck on the wall.

He also pointed the barrel at his Auntie, but thats another story.

I hope you enjoyed my layouts, and I will try to get back here soon to post some more from the gigantor stack currently occupying my scrap table!


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