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Sixth Stop on the Candy Shoppe Designs BLOG HOP MEME

Howdy Ho Ladies! Care to join me in this blog hop meme over at Candy Shoppe Designs? Its FUN, EASY andyoull have the chance at winninga fabulousprize from The Paper Trail. If you want to join in, start HERE!”

Im the sixth Lollipop Girl to visit in the BLOG HOP MEME, and my question is all about Words!

If youre anything like me you may prefer certain words over others. What are the words or phrases you find yourself saying over and over again? Are there certain words that your friends would say are sooooo you?

Here are my words in random Order:


This is quite possibly the most satisfying word in the English language. It just feels good to say, but dont take my word for it, try it out for yourself. I fully support anyone adding this fabulous palindrome to their repertoire.


This awesome vittle of a word was first brought to my attention back during my moms addiction to Law & Order Special Victims unit. I think she watched it just so she could hear the narrator say “heinous sex crimes” in the opening credits. Needless to say, I too became addicted to heinous sex crimes, and Ive been saying it ever since.


This one is a no brainer. This is the perfect word to describe people, places, events, and even one ply toilet paper.


Ive heard that this is a Powell Family word. I had never noticed how often I used it until one day someone said to me “what is it with the Powells and handy?” As frightening as it was to be following in my fathers footsteps, I found the comment oddly complimentary.

For reference:

My dad wanted a small portable shop-vac for Christmas because it was a “handy bastard” (His phrase not mine). Not wanting to miss out on an ounce of handiness, I asked for one too. Any you know what? He was right. It is a handy bastard.


Anyone who frequents this blogs knows that I refuse to use proper pronouns. Thems just not natural. For context Ive included this recent layout of my feral cat Little Hims.


Hmm…are you starting to recognize a reoccurring theme with my word choices? This beat out rank by a mile, but only because it rhymes with my last name. The Foul Powell nickname has been suggested for me, but fortunately never stuck. Dont get any ideas.


The only positive word on my list, and its not even real. Go figure.

Four Letter Words

Im not going to go into great detail here, but you get the idea. There is something liberating about busting out a long string of curse words fit for a trailer park. Cursing is free therapy, and its probably prevented several roadrage incidents.


Ok. So this isnt one of my favorite words, but a lame segue into announcing my one year blog anniversary. Everyone who follows and leaves a comment on my blog will be entered into winning my very own giveaway pictured below. My blogiversary will last until February 28th, and you will get an extra chance to win with every comment you leave on my blog posts during the month of February.

So now that Ive shared my words, what are yours?
Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know that you are. Then, head on off to your own blog and answer my question. When youre done go back to Candy Shoppe Designs and link it up and then visit the next Lollipop Girl on the list. Your next Lollipop girl will be the fabulous Lynnette Davis a.k.a. Cherry Lolita, so go check out her question for yah!

Im looking forward to seeing everyones responses, and their favorite words.

By playing along to our BLOG HOP MEMEthis month and answering all of our questions you will have a chance at winning thisGORGEOUS kit from The Paper Trail!

So there ya have it…get to writin chicadees, and remember to link up your post at Candy Shoppe Designs.

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