Rubies In the Dusk

Sweeter Each Season

So…earlier this month three challenges were announced at Candy Shoppe Designs, and yes, Im just now getting around to blogging about it.

The Shame.

Although all three challenges are fabulous (see for yourself), I chose the Seasonal challenge. For this challenge you must incorporate an element from all four seasons on one layout.

Naturally, I went with the Tiny Man…and his first year of life

Sweeter Each Season

No doubt about it.

Hims really does grow sweeter each season.

I wish I had to more to say…but Im about to get in the hottub bubbly.

Im not gonna lie.

The personal trainer worked me pretty hard this weekend (which kinda makes me sound like a horse), and Ive been having issues getting up from the seated position.

I leave you now with the pleasant visual of Kristin gracefully flopping into the jacuzzi.

Sweet Dreams.

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