Rubies In the Dusk

When the Trailers a rockin’

…dont come a knockin.

I cant help myself.

It had to be said.

And if I had a nickel for every time Ive uttered that phrase

I would probably have $3.75.

Never-mind that it has nothing to do with this post.

Festive Additions

These are all my newest festive additions…including the cutest trailer ever did made.

If its not readily apparent, my ornaments and knick-knacks tend to fall into four categories:





And thats perfectly alright by me.

And heres a layout I made months ago for a challenge onTally Scrapper that I never posted.

You Are My Favorite Thing

In case you didnt notice, I used a metric F Ton of buttons.

I think I was tired of looking at their smug little faces in that baggie, so I just slapped them down.

Yeah, thats about it.

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